Ebook Grammar practive grade 1-2

This first book of Grammar Practice for first and second grades provides teachers with resources, activities, and ideas aimed at introducing students to the basic elements of grammar. The activity pages can be used as a resource around which to build and develop a classroom program.

Good grammar skills help children improve their expression and give them an appreciation of how the various elements of English are used to convey meaning. With an understanding of the rules, processes, and elements that govern English, children are able to communicate both correctly and effectively.

in the past, lessons in grammar often became irrelevant and meaningless to students because of the tendency to stress the elements rather than focus on the functions of the elements. Grammar Practice ensures that the functions of elements such as parts of speech, phrases, and sentences are related to expression in a practical and purposeful way.

Grammar Practice is designed to make it as easy as possible to find what you need. Photocopiable work sheets are grouped according to grammatical element, and each of these elements is introduced with a definition and examples for the teacher, followed by a collection of appropriate and motivating teaching strategies.

Also included at the end of this book are review work sheets which cover both of the two main sections—”Parts of Speech” and “Composition.” All the review activities are directly related to the preceding lessons. Finally, there is an answer key that is included to make the use of the Grammar Practice work sheets easier and more efficient. With the three books in Grammar Practice, teachers can create an individual and comprehensive grammar program for their students.

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